Connecting iPhone to Remote Desktops with New Apps

iPhone to PCIt is amazing how technology makes life more comfortable as people now are able to share their ideas in an interactive platform and connect to other users around the globe in just a split of seconds. This is indeed one great revolution that the humanity has ever made since the time of Adam andEve whose stories can even be read using an iPhone. The versatility of which is made even better as the new apps were introduced allowing such to connect with remote macs or personal computers.

This is one innovation that some users have long been waiting for after the use of iPhone became prevalent that even small kids are enjoying it. However, if there are users who are greatly benefited of the new iPhone apps, it is apparently those who regularly do business with their desktops. It is thus one advantageous feature that is never possible before because only now that your iPhone can be instantly connected to what you want to see in your remote desktops by the aid of these new apps:

MochaSoft RDP

If you want to connect to your Windows workstation computer and have access to an operating Vista, Windows XP Professional, or Windows 7, then you can do so by using Mochasoft’s Remote Desktop – RDP with your iPhone. It has text macro aid and enable more mouse fuctions such as drag, right-click, hover, and wheel scroll. However, in using this for landscape mode, this app is supported by specific keyboards such as Germn QWERTZ, French AZERTY, and US QWERTY.

App Dynamic Remote HD

This one is primarily designed to serve as a remote control program which also doubles as a fully-operational app for desktop connection. By just installing such on your iPhone, you have the benefit of viewing your computer’s desktop and operate or access some programs even if you are not directly using your pc. Further, it is noteworthy that the remote HD is supported by PC and Mac and can be connected not just with Wi-Fi, but also through 3G, EDGE or GPRS, meaning you can access your computer even if you are away from work place or home.

Mocha VNC Lite

Using this app, you can access to a VNC server and connect to a Mac or Windows with your iPhone to explore or see programs, files, or resources you want for business. It is simple and easy to use because of the interface that supports VNC protocol with encrypted password. Likewise, because of the efficient integration of information and various features of the Mocha VNC Lite, you can make use of mouse to zoom and scroll items for uninterrupted connection.

Antecea Inc. Desktop Connect

By simply installing this app on your iPhone, you can already connect to your PC at any time of the day and at any play you are. It is noted to be fast and fully-featured computer viewer for you to control Mac OSX, Windows, and Linux computers as though you are directly manipulating them. Also, with this app, you are able to launch and view several applications on the computer and operate other programs such as media player, Adobe Flash, and Powerpoint.

Hana Mobile Connect to PC

It is especially designed for the easy access of your iPhone 4 to Windows and for you to get the most out of its HD screen. This can also be easily configured because by simply logging into Gmail, you can already get started with anything you want to do. Further, it likewise supports both the landscape and portrait modes of your computer, the mouse wheel scroll and clicks, and also the keypad keys you usually use.

Having these apps installed on your iPhone is certainly a great advantage for you to bridge the gap between such and your computer. It is the kind of connection that will integrate their memories for you to get access on the convenient way of doing your job and living your life with amazing gadgets.


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