iPhone – these are smartphones being marketed my Apple. June 29, 2007 was the date when the first iPhone was released; and September 21, 2013 when the sixth generation of iPhone – the iPhone 5 – was released. What is best about an iPhone is that the user interface is built in the device multi-touch screen. It has a virtual keyboard, wi-fi enabled and can also connect through cellularconnectivity options such as 2G, 3G and 4G. It serves as your phone, your digital camera, your video camera and your music player. Take several shots, record several screens, play more music. You can still send and receive SMS messages, emails and voice mails and you can browse the web. Various apps are also available for games, research, GPS navigation or locator.

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Unlock iPhone is the term used for iPhone which are not tied to a specific service or network provider to be functional. Once an iPhone is locked to a particular provider, it means that it can only be used on that provider and refuses to work for other available networks. However, there are third-party programmers who helps people to unlock their iPhone so they can use it on the network of any compatible provider with the insertion of a SIM card compatible.


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